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CHSA 5045 Eternal Rest

Charles Bruffy, Artistic Director
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“..this is one of the finest a cappella choral recordings I’ve ever heard. By any reckoning, this CD features astonishing singing.  Pitch, intonation and ensemble are exactly where they need to be.  Although there are miles and miles of soft singing on this disc, not once do the singers lose their tonal focus, and the intensity of the sound actually seems to increase as the dynamic level decreases.” – International Record Review

“Hearing both of Bruffy’s word-class choirs at once is a particular treat, especially in the complex Martin piece. Even combined, their numbers are still shy of some larger chamber choirs –but they never lose the crystalline purity of sound or tonal beauty that Bruffy’s ensembles are known for. You won’t hear better balance, more affecting musicality, or such exquisite phrasing from any other American ensemble.” –American Record Guide

“Their vocal blend is the most uniform I have ever heard…the velvety brilliance of the voices extends from cavernous depths to stratospheric scintillation with equal quality…a spectacular helping of meditative, consoling passion music.” – Finnish Broadcasting Company Radio 1

“This performance has some stiff competition, notably the Hyperion recording made by Westminster Cathedral Choir/James O’Donnell (BBC Music’s choral recording of the year in 1998) but it easily holds its own.” Performance-5 Stars;  Sound-5 StarsBBC Music Magazine

“The works on the disc are spiced with carefully considered dissonances, which the choir’s granite-solid intonation and virtuoso ease do complete justice.” – Antti Häyrynen Rondo Classica (Finland)

“Great singing, great recording and simply divine music.  This recording is something pretty special.  How can you fail to be bewitched by singing like that?” – BBC Radio 3

“…well drilled and beautifully balanced singing prove deeply satisfying.  The first of a series of joint ventures by these choirs; future instalments will be well worth hearing.” – Gramophone

“Charles Bruffy’s Phoenix Bach Choir [Phoenix Chorale] / Kansas City Chorale recording is superb in every way. Of the half dozen or so recordings of my piece, “There Will Be Rest”, this is by far the best of them. I am thrilled and honored to receive such a loving, caring recording of my music. I bought numerous copies myself to give as gifts to my closest friends.” – Frank Ticheli, composer

“Charles Bruffy’s recording of my composition “In Pace” is magical. Its combination of refined elements of ensemble together with elegant phrasing and imaginative musicianship make it heartfelt listening, indeed.” – René Clausen, composer